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Wedding & Event Consulting

Bride and Groom Kissing
For the Wedded Couple


-Review budgets

-Coaches on types of venues

-Expectation (Pinterest) vs. Reality (Affordability

-Vendor management "norms"

-How to compartmentalize your wedding tasks

-What to look for in a vendor 

-Conducts contract breakdowns 

-Provides insight on time management for day of event

*Virtual service*

Decorating Wedding Table
For the Event/ Wedding Planners


-Review budgets 

-Interpret a contract 

-Vendor Management Skills 

-Obtain Licensing & Insurance 

-Review types of Venues (DIY, Turn Key, White Glove, etc.) 

-Scenario based practices 

-Day of preparation/ checklist 

-Learn how to manage a DIY venue

-Time Management

-Client Experience Management

*Virtual service*

Long Wedding Table
Event Venue Management


-Consumer experience intake and develop key objectives for practices moving forward

-Guest Experience intake  

-Enhance venue management procedures & policies (for client and vendor)

-Review current contract requirements from both vendors and clients

-Design an outline for the consumer's day of event

-Create a vendor welcome packet (what to expect coming to your venue)

-Finalize areas on premise that are utilized for events

-Conducts and executes a staged styling photoshoot for the venue's website and social handles

-Time Management outline for clients and vendors

*Virtual service, w/ exceptions to site explorations* 

Private Parties
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