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People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel

-Maya Angelou-

Hi Im Michelle,

Founder and Creative Director for Custom Vibe Events

-14 years of event management experience

-Certified Wedding and Event Planner

-Master of Science in Management & Leadership

-Bachelor of Arts in Communication


What Do we Do? 

Licensed wedding & event Consultant;

We support,  educate,  and prepare both the wedded couple as well as professional planners on what to expect for the big day.  In addition to those, we also help provide a consumer experience for the venue management team. 


THE why:

custom vibe events is honored to have been a part of many beautiful gatherings. It has been our motto to "under promise and over deliver" in our approach to client success.


 it is our time to provide our client experience essence onto the next generation of wedded couples, event planners, and venue Management teams. 

Michelle Galli
Founder & Creative Director
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